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martindekov and alexellis Add route for async invocation of functions in the kong guide
With this commit i extend the kong docs to add routing for
async invocation of functions.

Signed-off-by: Martin Dekov (VMware) <mdekov@vmware.com>
Latest commit fb9a564 Jul 25, 2018


OpenFaaS guides & documentation

This page is a collection of our key blog posts, tutorials and guides while we prepare a dedicated site for documentation. For other queries please get in touch for a Slack invite or ping @openfaas on Twitter.

There is a PR underway for the new documentation site

Suggestions for new topics are welcome. Please also check the Issue tracker.

Deployment guides (start here)

A foreword on security

These instructions are for a development environment. If you plan to expose OpenFaaS on the public Internet you need to enable basic authentication with a proxy such as Kong or Traefik at a minimum. TLS is also highly recomended and freely available with LetsEncrypt.org. Kong guide Traefik guide.

Note: We are also looking to automate authentication "out the box" to cover edge cases.


Blog posts and tutorials

Hands-on with Node.js / Go / Python

Project background, design decisions and architecture:

Hands-on with containers as functions


Raspberry Pi & ARM

Your Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster with Docker

Extend OpenFaaS


Afterburn is replaced by the of-watchdog listed above.