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This repository contains the OpenFaaS Ltd press-kit for official logos and media.

You can also use the OpenFaaS ® logos to create your own SWAG / Stickers but should distribute them free of charge.

If you are planning an event or meet-up then you can order stickers from the manufacturer (below) in bulk for a discount.


OpenFaaS Ltd. was registered by Alex Ellis in 2017 to support the OpenFaaS project and community.

OpenFaaS Ltd. is a registered company in England & Wales with number: 11076587, registered address: Peterborough UK.

OpenFaaS ® was registered in the UK Feb 2018 and OpenFaaS has been in use by the project since 2017.

Taglines & hashtags

Official tagline: Serverless Functions Made Simple

Extended version: Serverless Functions Made Simple for [Docker and] Kubernetes.

Twitter account: @openfaas

Trademark(s): OpenFaaS ®

OpenFaaS ® is a registered trademark within the U.K.

Brand hashtags:

  • #TeamServerless
  • #OpenFaaS
  • #SimplyServerless
  • #FaaSFriday
  • #OpenFaaSCloud

Twitter accounts:

Accepted abbreviations of terms:

  • OpenFaaS -> OF
  • OpenFaaS Cloud -> OFC


For a quote or statement please reach out directly to the Director of OpenFaaS Ltd, Alex Ellis via:

Statistics for use in press / published materials

Looking for statistics? This project does not use a mono-repo, but is split across several components. Use Ken Fukuyama's dashboard to gather accurate counts on contributors, stars and forks across the GitHub organisation.

Note: Incubator projects are not counted in these totals and are hosted under openfaas-incubator awaiting graduation.

FaaSFriday campaign/contest

The #FaaSFriday hashtag is a campaign for the community to share ideas, learnings and cool hacks made with OpenFaaS. For the best or more creative ideas SWAG items may be sent with a value of less than 10 USD such as a t-shirt, stickers, magnets or pin badges. If you'd like to take part you should take a photo of your screen or laptop with your entry present, this is to create a human and intentional element rather than showing a computer-generated screenshot.

See past entries website sponsorship

You can purchase a website sponsorship and have your logo listed on the homepage. Companies select to connect their brand with a thriving cloud native developer community and to expand their reach.

Buy an OpenFaaS or inlets t-shirt, hoodie, or mug

To order stickers or other merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts or mugs for your team, please reach out to us via email:

For individual items for personal use only, you can use our Printful referral code.

For hoodies - American Apparel using embroidery For t-shirts - use Bella Canvas or Gildan Soft Cotton with print

Buy stickers

Get free credit from

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

Order round OpenFaaS stickers using the PDF proof: OpenFaaS_10_31_2.5.pdf


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