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This repository contains our presskit for official logos and media.

You can also use the OpenFaaS ® logos to create your own SWAG / Stickers but should distribute them free of charge.

If you are planning an event or meet-up then you can order stickers from the manufacturer (below) in bulk for a discount.

Taglines & hashtags

Official tagline: Serverless Functions Made Simple

Extended version: Serverless Functions Made Simple for [Docker and] Kubernetes.

Twitter account: @openfaas

Trademark(s): OpenFaaS ®

OpenFaaS ® is a registered trademark within the U.K.

Brand hashtags:

  • #TeamServerless
  • #OpenFaaS
  • #SimplyServerless
  • #FaaSFriday

For more on how OpenFaaS works and its high-level benefits find information in the main README file and website.

For a quote or statement please reach out directly to @alexellisuk or email

FaaSFriday campaign/contest

The #FaaSFriday hashtag is a campaign for the community to share ideas, learnings and cool hacks made with OpenFaaS. For the best or more creative ideas SWAG items may be sent with a value of less than 10 USD such as a t-shirt, stickers, magnets or pin badges. If you'd like to take part you should take a photo of your screen or laptop with your entry present, this is to create a human and intentional element rather than showing a computer-generated screenshot.

Backers and sponsorship

If you benefit from Open Source Software (OSS) and OpenFaaS please consider backing the project so that it can remain free and open.

You can become a project backer for OpenFaaS by making a pledge through Patreon. There are various rewards available including being listed in the main project repository as a backer.

Sponsors can contact the project directly through or back us on Patreon.


OpenFaaS Ltd. was registered by Alex Ellis in 2017 to support the OpenFaaS project and community.

OpenFaaS Ltd. is a registered company in England & Wales with number: 11076587, registered address: Peterborough UK.

OpenFaaS ® was registered in the UK Feb 2018 and OpenFaaS has been in use by the project since 2017.

Ordering your own stickers

Get free credit from

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

OpenFaaS t-shirt and stickers

Please use one of the official designs:

  • Circular - either 2"x2" or 2.5"x2.5"

  • Special edition magnet 3"x3"

  • Rectangle 1"x4"

If you'd like to put in an order you can get free credit with this referral link. Any referral credits we get will be used to buy more stickers for the project.

Or you can get a sample pack of 10 per design for a few dollars from StickerMule.

  • T-shirts

Please reach out if you need a bulk order of OpenFaaS t-shirts for an event.

Front design: Stacked logo with text OpenFaaS Back design: Over two lines: #serverless / (in large, black print)

Post a picture with your SWAG!