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OpenFaaS Cloud

The Multi-user OpenFaaS Platform


Build Status

OpenFaaS Cloud introduces an automated build and management system for your Serverless functions with native integrations into your source-control management system whether that is GitHub or GitLab.

With OpenFaaS Cloud functions are managed through typing git push which reduces the tooling and learning curve required to operate functions for your team. As soon as OpenFaaS Cloud receives a push event from git it will run through a build-workflow which clones your repo, builds a Docker image, pushes it to a registry and then deploys your functions to your cluster. Each user can access and monitor their functions through their personal dashboard.


  • Portable - self-host on any cloud
  • Multi-user - use your GitHub/GitLab identity to log into your personal dashboard
  • Automates CI/CD triggered by git push (also known as GitOps)
  • Onboard new git repos with a single click by adding the GitHub App or a repository tag in GitLab
  • Immediate feedback on your personal dashboard and through GitHub Checks or GitLab Statuses
  • Sub-domain per user or organization with HTTPS
  • Runtime-logs for your functions
  • Fast, non-root image builds using buildkit from Docker

The dashboard page for a user:


The details page for a function:

Details page


Conceptual diagram

The high-level workflow for the OpenFaaS Cloud CI/CD pipeline.

KubeCon video

KubeCon: OpenFaaS Cloud + Linkerd: A Secure, Multi-Tenant Serverless Platform - Charles Pretzer & Alex Ellis

Blog posts


Roadmap & Features

See the Roadmap & Features

Get started

You can set up and host your own OpenFaaS Cloud or pay an expert to do that for you. OpenFaaS Ltd also offers custom development, if you should have new requirements.

Option 1: Expert installation

OpenFaaS Ltd provides expert installation and support for OpenFaaS Cloud. You can bring your own infrastructure, or we can install and configure OpenFaaS Cloud for your accounts on a managed cloud.

Get started today

Option 2: Automated deployment (self-hosted)

You can set up your own OpenFaaS Cloud with authentication and wildcard certificates using ofc-bootstrap in around 100 seconds using the ofc-bootstrap tool.

This method assumes that you are using Kubernetes, have a public IP available or are using the inlets-operator, and have a domain name. Some basic knowledge of how to setup a GitHub App and GitHub OAuth App along with a DNS service account on DigitalOcean, Google Cloud DNS, Cloudflare or AWS Route53.

A developer install is also available via this blog post, which disables OAuth and TLS. You will still need an IP address and domain name.

Deploy with: ofc-bootstrap

Getting help

For help join #openfaas-cloud on the OpenFaaS Slack workspace. If you need commercial support, contact