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Managed OpenFaaS for teams
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OpenFaaS Cloud

Managed OpenFaaS for teams

Announcement from Cisco's DevNet Create in Mountain View

KubeCon 2019 talk 🌮

Watch the latest conference talk from KubeCon:

OpenFaaS Cloud + Linkerd: A Secure, Multi-Tenant Serverless Platform - Charles Pretzer & Alex Ellis


Build Status

OpenFaaS Cloud introduces an automated build and management system for your Serverless functions with native integrations into your source-control management system whether that is GitHub or GitLab.

With OpenFaaS Cloud functions are managed through typing git push which reduces the tooling and learning curve required to operate functions for your team. As soon as OpenFaaS Cloud receives a push event from git it will run through a build-workflow which clones your repo, builds a Docker image, pushes it to a registry and then deploys your functions to your cluster. Each user can access and monitor their functions through their personal dashboard.


  • Portable - self-host or use the hosted Community Cluster (SaaS)
  • Multi-user - use your GitHub/GitLab identity to log into your personal dashboard
  • Automates CI/CD triggered by git push (also known as GitOps)
  • Onboard new git repos with a single click by adding the GitHub App or a repository tag in GitLab
  • Immediate feedback on your personal dashboard and through GitHub Checks or GitLab Statuses
  • Sub-domain per user or organization with HTTPS
  • Runtime-logs for your functions
  • Fast, non-root image builds using Docker's buildkit

The dashboard page for a user:


The details page for a function:

Details page


  • OpenFaaS (0.9.10 or greater is recommended)
  • Docker Swarm or Kubernetes

Note: other OpenFaaS providers may work, but have not been tested

Blog post

Read my introducing OpenFaaS Cloud blog post for an overview of the idea with examples, screenshots and background on the project.

Conceptual architecture diagram

This conceptual diagram shows how OpenFaaS Cloud integrates with GitHub/GitLab through the use of an event-driven architecture.

Main flows:

  1. User pushes code - GitHub/GitLab push event is sent to github-event/gitlab-event function triggering a CI/CD workflow
  2. User removes GitHub/GitLab app from one or more repos - garbage collection is invoked removing 1-many functions
  3. User accesses function via router using "pretty URL" format and request is routed to function via API Gateway

See also: for detailed information on each component.

Roadmap & Features

See the Roadmap & Features

Get started

You can set up and host your own OpenFaaS Cloud or contact for instructions on how to participate in a public trial of a fully-hosted service (a.k.a. Community Cluster).

Option 1: Automated deployment (self-hosted)

You can set up your own OpenFaaS Cloud with authentication and wildcard certificates using ofc-bootstrap in around 100 seconds.

Get started: ofc-bootstrap

This method assumes you are using Kubernetes and have a public IP available. Some basic knowledge of how to setup a GitHub App and GitHub OAuth App along with a DNS service account on Google Cloud DNS or AWS Route53.

Option 2: Community Cluster (SaaS)

The OpenFaaS Community Cluster is a hosted version of OpenFaaS Cloud for community use and for evaluation.

Option 3: Manual deployment (self-hosted)

The manual deployment takes longer, but covers all the requirements in detail and is the most flexible option. You may follow this guide if you are contributing to the project, or if you want to use Swarm.

Read the developer's guide to find out more about the functions and to start hacking on OpenFaaS Cloud.

Getting help

For help join #openfaas-cloud on the OpenFaaS Slack workspace.

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