Official OpenFaaS language templates
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Official OpenFaaS templates.

To find out more about the OpenFaaS templates see the faas-cli.

Note: The templates are completely customizable - so if you want to alter them please do fork them and use faas template pull to make use of your updated versions.

The current version of OpenFaaS templates use the original watchdog which forks processes - a bit like CGI. The newer watchdog of-watchdog is more similar to fastCGI/HTTP and should be used for any benchmarking or performance testing along with one of the newer templates. Contact the project for more information.

Templates Developers / Contributors

See contributing guide.


This project is part of the OpenFaaS project licensed under the MIT License.

Templates in store

Name Language Version Linux base Watchdog Link
csharp C# N/A Alpine Linux 3.8 Classic C# template
dockerfile Dockerfile N/A Alpine Linux 3.8 Classic Dockerfile template
go-armhf Go 1.10.4 Alpine Linux 3.8 Classic Go armhf template
go Go 1.10.4 Alpine Linux 3.8 Classic Go template
java8 Java 8 OpenJDK Alpine Linux of-watchdog Java template
node-arm64 NodeJS 8.9.1 N/A Classic NodeJS arm64 template
node-armhf NodeJS N/A Alpine Linux 3.6 Classic NodeJS armhf template
node NodeJS 8.9.1 Alpine Linux Classic NodeJS template
php7 PHP 7.2 Alpine Linux Classic PHP 7 template
python-armhf Python 2.7 Alpine Linux Classic Python 2.7 armhf template
python Python 2.7 Alpine Linux Classic Python 2.7 template
python3-armhf Python 3.6 Alpine Linux Classic Python 3.6 armhf template
python3 Python 3 Alpine Linux Classic Python 3 template
ruby Ruby 2.5.1 Alpine Linux 3.7 Classic Ruby template

For more information on the templates check out the docs.

See also: of-watchdog.