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BrainCandy: Between science and entertainment - A Collective Youtube night

Channel Slack:

General Concept:

JUST DO IT would Shia Le Boeuf say, So we do! A Night for makers with videos from makers from the place where we all go when we don't understand how to make something: Youtube. Once a month, we will have set up a screen, a chromecast and a playlist full of great channels like VSAUCE, It's Okay To Be Smart, WiseCracks, Numberfile, thebrainscoop. You bring snacks and or beer and come with your ideas. Videos are between 5 and 15 minutes, we like intermezzo's and discussions. You can host the night, just be part of the slack, github or Meetup and give us the proposition!

1 Octobre 2018, @OpenFab

facebook : no event, it was a very discreet post. ^^

Playlist, la motivation, l'argent et la confiance

I know we can be better at what we do but why it's so difficult to start to make stuff? to change our habits? How to help motivation?

How One Punch Man Turned Bad Storytelling into a Masterpiece
How Much Information?
The Science of Awkwardness
et nouvelle chaine qui a l'air trop super.

  1. Inertia, the natural tendency of an object to resist change 2:09
  2. combattre sa FLEMME 4:42
  3. The Power of Motivation: Crash Course Psychology #17 11:19
  4. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic - Designing Good Rewards in Games 5:47
  5. The Old Man Story: How Extrinsic Rewards Kill Internal Motivation 4:44
  6. Les Youtubeurs et leurs problèmes psychologiques - DBY #47 17:00
    Gift economy?
  7. Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein 12:08
  8. Banking Explained – Money and Credit 6:09
    Design of a bad currency?
  9. Designing Virtual Currency by Breaking (Almost) Every Rule in the Economics Textbook
  10. The paradox of value - Akshita Agarwal 3:45
  11. What is a gift economy? - Alex Gendler 4:05
  12. Adam Ruins Everything - Why Gift Giving Makes No Economic Sense 2:20
  13. The evolution of trust 13:35
    Behavioral Economics and Human centered design.
  14. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober 15:08
  15. Yu-Kai Chou: Gamification 9:38
  16. Game Anatomy - Comment Fortnite vous fait payer pour un jeu gratuit ? 9:28
  17. Metrics - The Danger of Data-Driven Game Design 5:09
    Bonus pour rigoler un peu
  18. DÉBARRASSEZ-VOUS DES POILS DE CHATS - Copain du web #3 6:15

31 Mars 2018, l'espace @OpenFab

On a commencé par rigoler un peu.

Donc, l'espace, en discutant on m'avait demandé, étonné "c'est pas un fake l'ISS? Comme pour la Lune tout ça?"

10 nov 2017 Benevélo weekend @OpenFab

facebook :

Playlist Transition écologique

(Activateurs d'esprits)

The main dish
(for thinking through)

(for digestion)

14 oct 2017 @OpenFab

facebook :



First dish

Second dish


25 Mai 2017 @Openfab



En apéro, quelques Simone Giertz... tout le monde connait, je mets pas de lien....

24 Mars 2017 @HuisVDH



En apéro, on a regardé: (ho, on a oublié les générique hier...)


  1. Electronic Computing: Crash Course Computer Science #2 10:43
  2. This computer will grow your food in the future 15:55
    maybe a theme there about hydro, aqua, and shit -ponics
  3. Where Do Deleted Files Go? 10:34
  4. Cryptography: The Science of Making and Breaking Codes 8:20
  5. Pourquoi vous perdez au casino : rencontre avec la loi des grands nombres 6:02
  6. La 1ère FAQ de DirtyBiology ! 11:35
  7. THE MESSAGE ! 3:18
  8. 3 épisodes de série inoubliables faits pour 3 fois rien 8:20

17 février 2017 @Openfab



En apéro, on a regardé:

  1. The Philosophy of SHIA LABEOUF – Wisecrack Edition 9:12
  2. Hidden Meaning in SAUSAGE PARTY – Earthling Cinema 6:11

Ensuite la séance a commencé par:

  1. L'enragé 4:03
  2. Combien vaut la Nature ? - DBY #30 11:02
  3. Comment bien vendre la nature ? 9:31
  4. Death Rock 9:01
  5. Could You Survive Home Alone 10:14

Les apports extérieurs:

Et générique de fin 2:16