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This repository serves as a container for regression test data for system level and module level testing of OpenFAST. The repository contains:

  • input files for test case execution
  • baseline solutions for various machine and compiler combinations
  • turbine specific inputs

The baseline solutions serve as "gold standards" for the regression test suite and are updated periodically as OpenFAST and its modules are improved.


This directory contains module level tests for the modules found in the source code at openfast/modules-local.


These BeamDyn specific cases are configured to run with the BeamDyn driver program rather than with a glue code.


This directory contains system level tests for the various "glue codes" or drivers found in the source at openfast/glue-codes.


These are the system level test cases taken from the FAST V8 CertTests. Each test case directory contains the OpenFAST input file, .fst, and all other case specific inputs. All turbine specific inputs are linked by relative paths to their corresponding turbine data directory. See the individual test case README's for more information regarding the particular turbine model and portion of the OpenFAST system that is being tested.

The included turbine directories are:

The CertTest cases were recently renamed from the old style TestNN to more descriptive names. In general, the turbine abbreviation begins the case name followed by a concise description of the physics involved.

Map of old style names to new names

  Test01 - AWT_YFix_WSt  
  Test02 - AWT_WSt_StartUp_HighSpShutDown  
  Test03 - AWT_YFree_WSt  
  Test04 - AWT_YFree_WTurb  
  Test05 - AWT_WSt_StartUpShutDown  
  Test06 - AOC_WSt  
  Test07 - AOC_YFree_WTurb  
  Test08 - AOC_YFix_WSt  
  Test09 - UAE_Dnwind_YRamp_WSt  
  Test10 - UAE_Upwind_Rigid_WRamp_PwrCurve  
  Test11 - WP_VSP_WTurb_PitchFail  
  Test12 - WP_VSP_ECD  
  Test13 - WP_VSP_WTurb  
  Test14 - WP_Stationary_Linear  
  Test15 - SWRT_YFree_VS_EDG01  
  Test16 - SWRT_YFree_VS_EDC01  
  Test17 - SWRT_YFree_VS_WTurb  
  Test18 - 5MW_Land_DLL_WTurb  
  Test19 - 5MW_OC3Mnpl_DLL_WTurb_WavesIrr  
  Test20 - 5MW_OC3Trpd_DLL_WSt_WavesReg  
  Test21 - 5MW_OC4Jckt_DLL_WTurb_WavesIrr_MGrowth  
  Test22 - 5MW_ITIBarge_DLL_WTurb_WavesIrr  
  Test23 - 5MW_TLP_DLL_WTurb_WavesIrr_WavesMulti  
  Test24 - 5MW_OC3Spar_DLL_WTurb_WavesIrr  
  Test25 - 5MW_OC4Semi_WSt_WavesWN  
  Test26 - 5MW_Land_BD_DLL_WTurb  


The regression test compares locally generated solutions to the baseline solutions generated on a series of machine and compiler combinations. Currently, the supported machine/compiler combinations for successful regression testing are:

  • linux-intel
  • macos-gnu
  • windows-intel Currently, the regression test supports only double precision solutions, so all baseline solutions are generated with a double precision build.


These results were generated on a MacBook Pro running on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. The OpenFAST binary was compiled with gfortran installed through Homebrew's gcc package at gcc version 7.2.0 (Homebrew GCC 7.2.0). The math libraries in this build are found in the Accelerate Framework installed with Xcode command line tools at version 2347.


These results were generated on NREL's Peregrine HPC cluster running on CentOS 7. The OpenFAST binary was compiled with Intel's ifort compiler version 17.0.5 and MKL 17.0.5 on Peregrine's Haswell compute nodes.


These results were generated on a Dell Latitude E7440 running Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1. The OpenFAST binary was compiled with Intel's Visual Fortran 17 update 4.

Updating the baselines

The baseline directories can be updated with the included This script copies locally generated OpenFAST solutions into the appropriate machine - compiler baseline solution directory.

Usage: python source_directory target_directory system_name compiler_id
Example: python local/solution/TestName target/solution/TestName [Darwin,Linux,Windows] [Intel,GNU]

NOTE - ServoDyn external controllers for 5MW_Baseline cases

The cases using the 5MW turbine require an external controller for ServoDyn. The source code for three external controllers are provided, but they must be compiled and installed.

On Linux and Mac, cmake projects exist to compile the controllers with make. For Windows systems, cmake can generate a Visual Studio project to compile and install the controllers.

For all system types, create build directories at

  • r-test/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON/build
  • r-test/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_ITI/build
  • r-test/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_OC3/build

and run cmake .. in each one. For Windows, add your Visual Studio version and architecture in the following command:
cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ..

Ultimately, three .dll's should be compiled and placed in the 5MW_Baseline parallel to the test cases that will be executed. For example, if the regression test is executed automatically with ctest or, all case files will be copied to openfast/build. In this case, these three controller libraries must exist:

  • openfast/build/reg_tests/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON.dll
  • openfast/build/reg_tests/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_ITIBarge.dll
  • openfast/build/reg_tests/glue-codes/openfast/5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_OC3Hywind.dll