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Secure HTML5 runtime for the financial desktop

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  1. Hyperblotter Hyperblotter Public archive

    JavaScript 34 24

  2. excel-api-example excel-api-example Public

    This repo demonstrates the usage of JavaScript Excel API provided by Openfin.

    JavaScript 26 10

  3. embedding-wpf-demo embedding-wpf-demo Public

    This is a demo WPF application that embeds an HTML 5 application and shares data over the OpenFin Runtime Inter Application Bus. The demo leverages the OpenFin Runtime, the Openfin.WPF EmbeddedView…

    C# 21 5

  4. java-example java-example Public

    Examples for OpenFin Java adapter

    Java 18 160

  5. HelloOpenFin HelloOpenFin Public archive

    OpenFin's Hello World app.

    JavaScript 16 10

  6. hello-openfin-selenium-example hello-openfin-selenium-example Public

    Example of test code with Chrome Driver on OpenFin Runtime

    JavaScript 12 13


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