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OpenFin Runtime cli tool

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The OpenFin Cli tool will allow you to launch the OpenFin runtime given a url or a configuration file, it will also allow you to create configuration files by giving only name and url.


You will need Node.js to use the tool and creating configs will work cross platform, but launching the OpenFin runtime is restricted to Windows at the moment.


$ npm install -g openfin-cli


$ openfin --help


Launching OpenFin Demos

$ openfin --launch --config
$ openfin --launch --config

Launching an application

$ openfin --launch --url


$ openfin -l -u

Creating a config file

$ openfin --config myconfig.json --name myAppName --url


$ openfin  -c myconfig.json -n myAppName -u

Launching a given config file

$ openfin --launch --config myconfig.json
$ openfin --launch --config


$ openfin -l -c myconfig.json
$ openfin -l -c

Generate installer URL

Will print a url to the console with the name proivided via the -n flag and the hosted confg file url provided via the -c flag

$ openfin -n OpenFinPOC -c -h

Download an installer zip locally

Use the -d or --destination flag to specify the directory of the download. To download to the current directory use -d . or --destination .

$ openfin --destination my-dist-directory --installer


$ openfin -d my-dist-directory -i

Installer config options

--no-ext If set “true”, the file is extention-less'
--rvm-config URL that points to the RVM config. Must be a full URL.'
'--support-email The email address to display in the installer when an error occurs. Default value ="'
--dnl Installs an application without launching it. Set value to true [dnl=true]'



By downloading OpenFin, you agree to the terms of our Developer License