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Canada Radar Widget for Übersicht

A desktop widget to display automatically updating weather radar.

London, Ontario Weather Radar

Updates default to 10 minutes, the same interval as radar data is published by MSC GeoMET (Canada). The time that the data was last fetched is displayed in the upper left.

This widget is focused on Canada; if you fork the repo and add support for other countries, let me know and I can link to you from here.


Download and install Übersicht first. From the Übersicht menu item, open your widgets folder.

Download the ZIP file for this widget, and extract the canada_radar.widget folder into your Übersicht widgets folder. See the next section for customization of your location.


Once installed, you can edit the widget with a text editor for your location and map style preference. Some examples of the map styles can be seen in screenshots/overview.markdown.

Edit Your Location

In the file, change the latitude and longitude to your location. You can use OpenStreetMap Nominatim to find the coordinates for your city; click through the results to find the Centre Point (latitude first, longitude second).

When you update the location and save the file, Übersicht should automatically refresh the map to your location. Adjust the zoomLevel to your liking to give a buffer of the surrounding area.

Edit Your Base Map

The underlying map defaults to using the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team map style (openstreetmap-hot). See screenshots/overview.markdown for other styles you can use instead.

Edit the Radar Source

Currently only MSC GeoMET from the Government of Canada is supported.

By default, only the "rain precipitation rate" radar layer is shown. GeoMET also supports "snow precipitation rate" and "rain reflectivity", and these can be enabled in lib/

Edit the Widget Position and Size

At the bottom of the file, the CSS is used to position and change the size of the widget. By default it sits in the top-left corner of the screen.

Customize "Last Fetch Time" Display

The timestampString function in is used to convert the JavaScript Date object into a string for display. Change this if you prefer a different format.


MIT License


James Badger (@openfirmware)


Canada Weather Radar Desktop Widget




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