Open source version of the Scratch 2.0 project editor. This is the basis for the online and offline versions of Scratch found on the website.
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Scratch 2.0 editor and player

This is a port of the open source version of Scratch 2.0 to Haxe. Although the original Scratch 2.0 source code was released under GPL v2 or later, this fork is released under GPL v3 or later. This was necessary because it includes some code from the Apache Flex project, whose code is licensed under the Apache License v2.0. That license is incompatible with GPL v2.


I normally build the code in FlashDevelop, but I think once you have Haxe and OpenFL installed, you can build the code using

openfl build html5

or something like that. It was tested with Haxe 3.2.1 and OpenFl 3.5.3 using the html5 target. There are a couple of small bugs in OpenFL that I found so far while getting the code to work. Hopefully, I'll get around to submitting those fixes.

By default, the Scratch distribution won't work because it doesn't come with any content. You can copy the medialibraries and medialibrarythumbnails directories to bin/html5/bin then things should work. If you invoke OpenFL with

openfl run html5

it will automatically start up a local webserver to properly serve the content to your web browser for debugging.

Please note that the Scratch trademarks (including the Scratch name, logo, Scratch Cat, and Gobo) are property of MIT. For use of these Marks, please see the Scratch Trademark Policy.