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OpenFloorPlan Editor
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OpenFloorPlan Editor

Update (Jan. 2015): This project will need a lot of work before it is usable. It is not completely dead, I do plan to get back to it in some form. If you interested in contributing feel free to send me a message.


This is pre-alpha code, intended as a proof of concept, more information will follow.


To run the current development version, fork this project and serve it locally. If you have Python handy, just cd into the project root directory and run

 python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Or, with a Mac, you can enable Web Sharing and clone iD into your website directory.


OpenFloorPlan Editor (ofp-editor) is available under a dual MIT and WTFPL License, see the LICENSE file.

The original iD project is available under the WTFPL see

It includes d3js, which BSD-licensed.

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