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Coaxial rotor simulation using BEM rotor disks.
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# coaxial_rotor

This utilizes the OpenFOAM rotorDisk model, which is a simple BEM on cells arranged in a disk, to simulate coaxial rotors.

To get proper power output and rotation direction, the source requires a little bit of modification. Change and compile via:
sudo -s
cp src/new.C $FOAM_SRC/fvOptions/sources/derived/rotorDiskSource/rotorDiskSourceTemplates.C
cd $FOAM_SRC/fvOptions

This change is now actually part of OpenFOAM-dev:
Until next release of OpenFOAM (6+), you will need to make the modifications manually.

You can see the difference between the new and old source via:
diff src/new.C src/original.C

Mesh and run the simulation via:

You can start over the simulation by deleting generated files via:

When viewing results, when looking at Z direction (through the thin of the wedge) it is important to use the cell-based visualization, rather than point-based. Point-based for some reason does not color the directions properly.

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