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Open Food Network

The Open Food Network is an online marketplace for local food. It enables a network of independent online food stores that connect farmers and food hubs (including coops, online farmers' markets, independent food businesses etc); with individuals and local businesses. It gives farmers and food hubs an easier and fairer way to distribute their food.

Supported by the Open Food Foundation, we are proudly open source and not-for-profit - we're trying to seriously disrupt the concentration of power in global agri-food systems, and we need as many smart people working together on this as possible.

We're part of global movement - get involved!

Getting started

Below are instructions for setting up a development environment for Open Food Network. More information is in the developer wiki.

If you're interested in provisioning a server, see the project's Ansible playbooks.


  • Rails 3.2.x
  • Ruby 2.1.5
  • PostgreSQL database
  • PhantomJS (for testing)
  • See Gemfile for a list of gems required

Get it

The source code is managed with Git (a version control system) and hosted at GitHub.

You can view the code at:

You can download the source with the command:

git clone

Get it running

For those new to Rails, the following tutorial will help get you up to speed with configuring a Rails environment: .

First, check your dependencies: Ensure that you have Ruby 2.1.5 installed:

ruby --version

Install the project's gem dependencies:

cd openfoodnetwork
bundle install

Configure the site:

cp config/application.yml.example config/application.yml
edit config/application.yml

Create a PostgreSQL user:

  • Login as your system postrgresql priviledged user: sudo -i -u postgres (this may vary on your OS). Now your prompt looks like: [postgres@your_host ~]$
  • Create the ofn database superuser and give it the password f00d:
createuser -s -P ofn

Create the development and test databases, using the settings specified in config/database.yml, and populate them with a schema and seed data:

rake db:setup

Load some default data for your environment:

rake openfoodnetwork:dev:load_sample_data

At long last, your dreams of spinning up a development server can be realised:

rails server


Tests, both unit and integration, are based on RSpec. To run the test suite, first prepare the test database:

bundle exec rake db:test:prepare

Then the tests can be run with:

bundle exec rspec spec

The site is configured to use Zeus to reduce the pre-test startup time while Rails loads. See the Zeus github page for usage instructions.

Once npm dependencies are installed, AngularJS tests can be run with:

./script/karma run

If you want karma to automatically rerun the tests on file modification, use:

./script/karma start



Copyright (c) 2012 - 2015 Open Food Foundation, released under the AGPL licence.