Connect suppliers, distributors and consumers to trade local produce
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Open Food Network

The Open Food Network is an online marketplace for local food. It enables a network of independent online food stores that connect farmers and food hubs (including coops, online farmers' markets, independent food businesses etc); with individuals and local businesses. It gives farmers and food hubs an easier and fairer way to distribute their food.

Supported by the Open Food Foundation and a network of global affiliates, we are proudly open source and not-for-profit - we're trying to seriously disrupt the concentration of power in global agri-food systems, and we need as many smart people working together on this as possible.

We're part of global movement - get involved!


If you are interested in contributing to the OFN in any capacity, please introducing yourself on Slack, and have a look through our Contributor Guide

Our GETTING_STARTED and CONTRIBUTING guides are the best place to start for developers looking to set up a development environment and make contributions to the codebase.


If you're interested in provisioning a server, see ofn-install for the project's Ansible playbooks.

We also have a Super Admin Guide to help with configuration of new servers.



Copyright (c) 2012 - 2018 Open Food Foundation, released under the AGPL licence.