@sauloperez sauloperez released this May 7, 2018 · 918 commits to master since this release

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This release has been possible thanks to the work of @dan1d who had his first contribution merged into OFN! 🎂


  • Add image to be used in Spree upgrade wiki page #2231


  • Improved readability of order_and_distributor report's code #2260
  • Update rubyzip to fix security issue #2248
  • Users cannot use password reset until their email address is confirmed. Confirmation emails will redirect to the most recent page from which the email was requested when re-sending confirmation emails. #2238
  • Upgrade Rails to to get security fixes #2224
  • Exclude JavaScript libraries from Code Climate analysis #2264
  • Switched gem FactoryGirl to FactoryBot as FactoryGirl is deprecated #2266


  • Remove Heroku references since nobody is using it #2259


  • Make invite button not clickable when Inviting new Manager #2220
  • Do not show "Unsaved Changes" message before a new user is properly added #2239
  • Fixed an issue with new users setting their password as invited manager #2258
  • Autofix comment indentation in codebase #2246
  • Use angular translation filter on image upload modal #2190