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Hacktoberfest is coming to an end and with it a new release! Here are the efforts of the new contributors that made October a great month 👋 @as1729, @nikobozi, @albarnaz.

This time we polished the last bits of CSV product imports, introduced fixes on Bulk Order Management and Bulk Edit Products pages and translations among many (like tons) more. Although you won't notice there are even more changes on the backstage to get ready for better gigs 🤘 🎶


  • Better docs for Stripe.publishable_key and Stripe.endpoint_secret. #2798
  • Added an option to choose the number of results per page shown when viewing orders in the backend. #2829


  • Renamed CSV fields in product import for clarity and updated CSV template. #2849
  • Users will not be logged out whilst changing their password. #2851
  • Move query code from VariantOverrideController into its Model scope and add a spec. #2818
  • Updated Geocoder configuration to work with Google's new terms of service. #2872
  • Technical change: new rails Engine called Web representing the Web domain (to contain the Web experience part of OFN) that implements, for now, the cookies feature: cookies policy page, cookies banner and related back office configurations. #2521
  • Increased the Rubocop characters per line limit from 80 to 100. #2858
  • Updated various translations. #2921, #2894, #2958
  • Update rubocop todo list. #2922
  • Reorganize LineItemsController's destroy line item specs. #2928
  • Ensure links in emails use https. #2896
  • Refactor admin orders controller and related code. #2912
  • Bumped haml from 4.0.4 to 4.0.7 via Dependabot. #2813
  • Bumped figaro from 0.7.0 to 1.1.1 via Dependabot. #2871


  • Removed unused dependency parallel_tests. #2853


  • Fixed the new preferences migration, which was broken since ab707cf due to the Spree upgrade. #2949
  • Fixed Portuguese and German translation problem in the shopfront order cycle closure time. #2916
  • Fixed an issue with missing names in Bulk Order Management. #2908
  • Fixed a validation error assignment issue with Product Import. #2842
  • Fixed confirmation emails being sent to the old address when changing to a new email address. #2847
  • Forbid changing a product's variant_unit when the variant has no unit_value. #2845
  • Fixed Instagram links not working when users copy-paste the full URL in the social configuration. #2859
  • Fix untranslated error message in reset password process. #2913
  • Fixed bug in subscriptions address country/state selection. #2876
  • Bug in non-default language: user language selection is no longer jumping to default selection on the cart/checkout process. It keeps the user language through the process. #2914
  • Disable hiding of hamburger menu in screen widths of not more than 1024px. #2924
  • Fix broken inventory page. When a producer deletes a permission for a hub to add producer's products to the hub's inventory, the hub's inventory items are now being correctly updated with a revoked stamp that will not break the inventory page anymore. #2893
  • Fix ActionMailer setting referring to Spree::Config failing when running bundle exec rake db:migrate and thus preventing deploys. #2959
  • Fixed previous data migration by not revoking access to inventory management for suppliers who manage their own inventory but that do not have explicit enterprise permissions to do so. #2963