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@luisramos0 luisramos0 released this Jan 30, 2019

In this release, we added bulk invoice printing to admin orders page (it's only available to administrators right now, it will soon be available to all users)
We also made our test suite a lot better by migrating from PhantomJS to HeadlessChrome. We have also fixed the tax rates report!

We are delighted to have 3 new contributors in this release! Thanks @kevinchristianson, @brases and @nozakis for your contributions. And thanks @alvaro-chalar for your new contributions.

Here’s a more detailed summary of what’s in the release:

Added bulk invoice printing to admin orders page #2869
Major improvement of our test suite by moving from PhantomJS to HeadlessChrome. This makes the tests more reliable and more real as the browser the tests are executed now is a lot more similar to modern browsers #3346
Added file encoding error messages to product import #2988
Added script to install the right version of our dependency bundler #3302

Some reports have a Go button instead of a Search button #3224
Move the enterprises' load from the injection helper to the controller #3257
Moved back to therubyracer for asset compilation to avoid trouble caused by the faster mini racer #3244
Improved test code quality #3326
Improved tests around user access to manage inventories #2833
Improved code in cart population and stock levels management in the cart #3230
Completed conversion of all stylesheets to SCSS file format #3359
Updated our use of the date calculating library momentjs to stay compatible with future versions #3344
Bump blockenspiel from 0.4.5 to 0.5.0 #3211
Bump uglifier from 4.1.19 to 4.1.20 #3280
Bump spring from 1.1.3 to 1.7.2 #3324
Bump whenever from 0.9.2 to 0.10.0 #3340
Bump letter_opener from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 #3342
Bump paper_trail from 3.0.9 to 5.2.3 #3323
Bump diffy from 3.1.0 to 3.3.0 #3351
Bump oauth2 from 1.2.0 to 1.4.1 #3234
Bump foundation-rails from to #3352
Bump delayed_job_active_record from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3 #3350
Bump oj from 3.7.4 to 3.7.8 #3390
Bump daemons from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1 #3341

The tax rates report is working again. It crashed with orders containing orphaned enterprise fees including tax #3229
Fixed bug in fees calculated based on weight. Bug introduced in v1.23 (#2932). This bug was applicable to orders with multiple weight based line items in order cycles with enterprise fees that use a weight calculator (this was validated in live environments and we didn't detect any case where this was applicable) #3072
Fixed edge case on inventory page where permissions for hub are not available #3169
Fixed “first name begins with” and “state” translations in order page #3304
Fix wording in email template for orders confirmation #3360
Searching as admin, e.g. for orders or products is more reliable when typing very fast (like a robot) #3325
Fixed an issue with bad spacing on the account settings error page #3002

Removed unused folders and files from the source code making it more simple #3322


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