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@Matt-Yorkley Matt-Yorkley released this Mar 7, 2019

This release brings a number of changes gearing up for our switch to Spree 2.0 and some refactoring for speed improvements. Buen provecho!


  • Bring into the app the Bugsnag initializer used in ofn-install. It won't be symlinked at deploy time anymore. #3554 (Connected to ofn-install change: openfoodfoundation/ofn-install#329)
  • Added code documentation of stock validation rules. #3531
  • Added translation entries that will be used for OFN v2, so that translators can start the translation work. #3535
  • Added description field to the CSV template. #3556
  • Product Import is now available for admin users. #2947
  • Easier cache debugging with a new checkbox for admins to disable products cache. #3404


  • Better organization of the javascript test files. #3494
  • Bumped oj from 3.7.8 to 3.7.9 #3517
  • Bumped stripe from 4.5.0 to 4.9.0 #3499
  • Bumped combine_pdf from 1.0.15 to 1.0.16 #3547
  • Inventory rules are now more strict about using producer settings in inventory where stock levels are always ignored. #3505
  • Improved the organisation of the translations of the enterprise registration process. #3534
  • Changed naming method for temporary uploaded CSV files. #3435
  • Refactor CachedEnterpriseSerializer's #distributed_properties to make it easier to remove an N+1 on the properties table in the future. #3305
  • Added and improved sample data for testing and demo instances. #3209


  • Excluded failed, invalid, and zero value adjustments from Enterprise Fee Summary. #3512
  • Fix datetime picker inputs on Order Cycles forms. #3472
  • Subscriptions: orders created by a subscription that have been manually cancelled before an OC closes will not be incorrectly processed. #3539
  • Fix calculation of payment transaction fee when the order is already completed, the calculator is order-based, and inventory tracking is enabled #3562


  • Removed old code that is no longer in use. #3498

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