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@kristinalim kristinalim released this Mar 20, 2019

This release adds nl_BE translations, which will be used by the Belgian 🇧🇪 instance. This also does a lot of cleanup, including removing Product Distributions (the predecessor of order cycles) and removing a lot of unused code.

Bug fixes, other code improvements, and gem upgrades are also included.


  • Made it possible to both use and debug products cache in development. #3595
  • Added Flemish translation (nl_BE) which will be used by the Belgian instance. #3599
  • Improved test coverage in the edit variants page. #3617


  • Bumped oj from 3.7.9 to 3.7.10 #3606
  • Bumped unicorn from 5.4.1 to 5.5.0 #3575
  • Upgraded Bugsnag Ruby notifier library from 5.5.0 to 6.11.1 #3511
  • Refactored valid distributed products in an order cycle, which is used by RefreshProductsCacheJob. #3581


  • Fixed the display of validation errors when creating a product as admin. #3585
  • Cache refreshes of a deleted order cycle no longer get retried. #3583


  • Removed old unused code, which makes OFN easier and faster to maintain and develop. #3569
  • Removed a feature that was not working: Product Distributions, the predecessor of order cycles. #3570

(Photo: "Two varieties of Durian" by Yun Huang Yong / CC BY 2.0)

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