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@sauloperez sauloperez released this Apr 12, 2019

This release will likely be the last one before v2 and for that we improved a bit our test coverage but also fixed various annoying bugs, improved two reports and updated some dependencies. We also welcome the first contributions of @amers185 and @SDBowen 🎉!


  • Translations #3710, #3686, #3636
  • Added missing translations for order form in v2 #3679
  • Adds a Shipping Method column to the Orders And Distributors report. This allows the users to see the the shipping detail of each order #3662
  • Test inventory report to use variant overrides #3654
  • Add missing translation key #3647
  • Added a new integration test to ensure that the registration link works on all pages #3624
  • Added tasks to clean up and truncate data in large databases, so it becomes possible to use it for testing in smaller servers #3579


  • Moved db2fog initializer into the main repo from ofn-install #3694, #3726
  • Our dependency specification (Gemfile) became more accurate #3665
  • Bumped Stripe from 4.9.0 to 4.10.0 #3631
  • Bumped Stripe from 4.10.0 to 4.11.0 #3656
  • Bumped oj from 3.7.10 to 3.7.11 #3632
  • Bumped dalli from 2.7.9 to 2.7.10 #3619


  • In the Customer Totals report, separate rows for different variants and use the variant SKU #3646
  • Untranslated "producer profile" in pack selection page #3644
  • Update the cache when a variant listed in an order cycle is removed. This was the cause of removed variants still being shown in the shopfront #3639
  • Fix sample data after removal of ProductDistribution #3633
  • The international decimal separator logic can now be used for the weight calculator as well #3614
  • Fix setup data and assertions for OrderSyncer specs #3605
  • Improved reliability of our automated tests #3590
  • Fix nil values in Product Import's on_hand column #3537


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