WebGL Ripple Tank Simulator for Physics Students
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WebGL Ripple Tank Simulator for Physics Students

Ripple Tank Sim is a wave simulator for demonstrating common wave behaviours that occurs naturally in many media. This ripple tank can exhibit slow propagation of waves that will reflect off walls (and optionally sides), diffract around corners and constructively and destructively interfere to create interference patterns. It is also possible to demonstrate the Doppler effect with a moving point source.

All physics calculations are performed on the GPU using WebGL.

Vist http://MatthewWellings.com/rippletank for the live version.

See http://MatthewWellings.com/rippletank/help for usage documentation

##Bug Reports Please report all bugs on GitHub. ##Credits All code in the main file except where stated is ⓒMatthew Wellings 2015 and may be distributed under the MIT License.

This code uses:

gl-matrix - High performance matrix and vector operations version 2.2.2 Copyright (c) 2013, Brandon Jones, Colin MacKenzie IV.

Stats widget (Framerate counter etc.) by mrdoob / http://mrdoob.com/.

The open boundaries equation from <a href=http://www.gdcvault.com/play/203/Fast-Water-Simulation-for-Games">Fast Water Simulation for Games Using Height Fields by Matthias Müller-Fischer