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		* Download links
- Open Foris Calc:		
- Open Foris Collect:
- Open Foris Test Data:

		* Calc Installation instructions 
1. Download and install Jdk 1.8 + [ ]

2. Download and install  Postgres 9.2 + []. 
	Note: the required password should be set as 'postgres'.
3. Download and install  R 3.1 + []. 
	Note: for Windows users, R should be installed in a folder that 
			contains no spaces, for example "C:\Opt\R\R-3.1.0".
4. Download and install Open Foris Calc [ OpenForisCalc-VERSION-PLATFORM-installer.EXTENSION ] at the above link	
	Note 1: for Windows users, CALC should be installed in a folder that contains no spaces, 
			for example "C:\opt\OpenForisCalc".
	Note 2:	Administration rights are required.
	Note 3: Both Windows and Linux users will be required to re-start 
			the computer in order to update the required system settings.		

5. Start Calc
	Double click on the "Open Foris Calc Control Panel" located on your desktop.
6. Stop Calc	
	Click the stop button available on "Open Foris Calc Control Panel"

	* Tomcat 7 database parameters configuration

	- The file calc.xml (calc-server/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/calc.xml) contains the database settings as follow. 
		Change them if you don't have the default settings
		<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<Context path="/calc" reloadable="false">
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.driver" 			value="org.postgresql.Driver" />
			<Parameter name="" 			value="localhost" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.port" 			value="5432" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.db" 				value="calc" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.url" 			value="jdbc:postgresql://${}:${calc.jdbc.port}/${calc.jdbc.db}" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.schema" 			value="calc" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.username" 		value="calc" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.password" 		value="calc" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.adminuser" 		value="postgres" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.adminpassword" 	value="postgres" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.maxActive" 		value="10" />
			<Parameter name="calc.jdbc.minIdle" 		value="5" />
			<Parameter name="saiku.home" 				value="${catalina.home}/webapps/saiku" />
			<Parameter name="saiku.ui.url" 				value="/saiku-ui" />