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ofPolyLine allows you to combine multiple points into a single vector data object that can be drawn to the screen, manipulated point by point, and combined with other ofPolyline instances. It is less complex than the [ofPath](ofPath.html) and generally represents a single line or vector shape rather than multiple lines or shapes.

You can add points to an ofPolyline by adding vertices:
You can add points to an ofPolyline by adding vertices. By default these vertices are ofVec3f types, meaning you also need to specify a z-value, even when drawing in 2D:
float i = 0;
while (i < TWO_PI) { // make a heart
float r = (2-2*sin(i) + sin(i)*sqrt(abs(cos(i))) / (sin(i)+1.4)) * -80;
float x = ofGetWidth()/2 + cos(i) * r;
float y = ofGetHeight()/2 + sin(i) * r;
line.close(); // close the shape

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