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#pragma once
#include "ofTexture.h"
#include "ofGLBaseTypes.h"
/// ofFbo mode(s) when binding
enum ofFboMode : short {
OF_FBOMODE_NODEFAULTS = 0, ///< base GL fbo, no OF defaults
OF_FBOMODE_PERSPECTIVE = 1, ///< set OF perspective and viewport
OF_FBOMODE_MATRIXFLIP = 2 ///< flip vertically
inline ofFboMode operator | (ofFboMode m1, ofFboMode m2){
return static_cast<ofFboMode>(short(m1) | short(m2));
inline bool operator & (ofFboMode m1, ofFboMode m2){
return static_cast<bool>(short(m1) & short(m2));
/// ofFbo internal settings
struct ofFboSettings {
int width; ///< width of images attached to fbo
int height; ///< height of images attached to fbo
int numColorbuffers; ///< how many color buffers to create
std::vector<GLint> colorFormats; ///< format of the color attachments for MRT.
bool useDepth; ///< whether to use depth buffer or not
bool useStencil; ///< whether to use stencil buffer or not
bool depthStencilAsTexture; ///< use a texture instead of a renderbuffer for depth (useful to draw it or use it in a shader later)
GLenum textureTarget; ///< GL_TEXTURE_2D or GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB
GLint internalformat; ///< GL_RGBA, GL_RGBA16F_ARB, GL_RGBA32F_ARB, GL_LUMINANCE32F_ARB etc.
GLint depthStencilInternalFormat; ///< GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT(16/24/32)
int minFilter; ///< GL_NEAREST, GL_LINEAR etc.
int maxFilter; ///< GL_NEAREST, GL_LINEAR etc.
int numSamples; ///< number of samples for multisampling (set 0 to disable)
ofFboSettings(std::shared_ptr<ofBaseGLRenderer> renderer=nullptr);
bool operator!=(const ofFboSettings & other);
std::weak_ptr<ofBaseGLRenderer> renderer;
friend class ofFbo;
class ofFbo : public ofBaseDraws, public ofBaseHasTexture {
ofFbo(const ofFbo & mom);
ofFbo & operator=(const ofFbo & fbo);
ofFbo(ofFbo && mom);
ofFbo & operator=(ofFbo && fbo);
virtual ~ofFbo();
/// ofFbo::Settings is currently deprecated in favor of the ofFboSettings struct
typedef ofFboSettings Settings;
void allocate(int width, int height, int internalformat = GL_RGBA, int numSamples = 0);
//void allocateForShadow(int width, int height);
void allocate(ofFboSettings settings = ofFboSettings(nullptr));
bool isAllocated() const;
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use clear() instead",void destroy());
void clear();
/// glClearBufferfv(GL_COLOR, 0...)
/// @see:
void clearColorBuffer(const ofFloatColor & color);
/// glClearBufferfv(GL_COLOR, buffer_idx...)
/// @see:
void clearColorBuffer(size_t buffer_idx, const ofFloatColor & color);
/// glClearBufferfv(GL_DEPTH...)
/// @see:
void clearDepthBuffer(float value);
/// glClearBufferiv(GL_STENCIL...)
/// @see:
void clearStencilBuffer(int value);
/// glClearBufferfi(GL_DEPTH_STENCIL...)
/// @see:
void clearDepthStencilBuffer(float depth, int stencil);
using ofBaseDraws::draw;
void draw(float x, float y) const;
void draw(float x, float y, float width, float height) const;
void setAnchorPercent(float xPct, float yPct);
void setAnchorPoint(float x, float y);
void resetAnchor();
void setDefaultTextureIndex(int defaultTexture);
int getDefaultTextureIndex() const;
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use getTexture()",ofTexture & getTextureReference());
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use getTexture()",ofTexture & getTextureReference(int attachmentPoint));
ofTexture & getTexture();
ofTexture & getTexture(int attachmentPoint);
ofTexture & getDepthTexture();
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use getTexture()",const ofTexture & getTextureReference() const);
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use getTexture()",const ofTexture & getTextureReference(int attachmentPoint) const);
const ofTexture & getTexture() const ;
const ofTexture & getTexture(int attachmentPoint) const;
const ofTexture & getDepthTexture() const;
void setUseTexture(bool){ /*irrelevant*/ };
bool isUsingTexture() const {return true;}
/// Sets up the framebuffer and binds it for rendering.
/// \warning This is a convenience method, and is considered unsafe
/// in multi-window and/or multi-renderer scenarios.
/// If you use more than one renderer, use each renderer's
/// explicit void ofBaseGLRenderer::begin(const ofFbo & fbo, ofFboMode mode)
/// method instead.
/// \sa void ofBaseGLRenderer::begin(const ofFbo & fbo, ofFboMode mode)
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use begin(OF_FBOMODE_NODEFAULTS) instead", void begin(bool setupScreen) const);
/// Sets up the framebuffer and binds it for rendering.
/// The mode parameter indicates which defaults are set when binding
/// the fbo.
/// will set the screen perspective to the OF default for the fbo size, the
/// correct viewport to cover the full fbo and will flip the orientation
/// matrix in y so when drawing the fbo later or accesing it from a shader
/// it's correctly oriented
/// Passing OF_FBOMODE_PERSPECTIVE will only set perspective and viewport
/// Passing OF_FBOMODE_MATRIXFLIP won't set the perspective but will flip
/// the matrix.
/// Passing OF_FBOMODE_NODEFAULTS won't change anything and just bind the fbo
/// and set it as current rendering surface in OF
/// \warning This is a convenience method, and is considered unsafe
/// in multi-window and/or multi-renderer scenarios.
/// If you use more than one renderer, use each renderer's
/// explicit void ofBaseGLRenderer::begin(const ofFbo & fbo, ofFboMode mode)
/// method instead.
/// \sa void ofBaseGLRenderer::begin(const ofFbo & fbo, ofFboMode mode)
/// \brief Ends the current framebuffer render context.
/// \sa void begin(bool setupScreen=true) const;
void end() const;
void readToPixels(ofPixels & pixels, int attachmentPoint = 0) const;
void readToPixels(ofShortPixels & pixels, int attachmentPoint = 0) const;
void readToPixels(ofFloatPixels & pixels, int attachmentPoint = 0) const;
/// \brief Copy the fbo to an ofBufferObject.
/// \param buffer the target buffer to copy to.
void copyTo(ofBufferObject & buffer) const;
float getWidth() const;
float getHeight() const;
// advanced functions
/// \brief Bind OpenGL GL_FRAMEBUFFER target to this ofFbo
/// \warning If you use this method, you need to manually keep track of the
/// currently bound framebuffer, if you ever want to restore state.
/// * use ofBaseGLRenderer::getCurrentFramebuffer() to query the current
/// framebuffer binding state within the renderer.
/// * Better, use the renderer's explicit method:
/// ofBaseGLRenderer::bind(const ofFbo & fbo) to bind the fbo, to allow
/// the renderer to keep track of any bound fbos.
/// \sa unbind()
/// \sa virtual void ofBaseGLRenderer::bind(const ofFbo & fbo)
void bind() const;
/// \brief Unbinds OpenGL framebuffer target and restores the OpenGL framebuffer
/// render target to whatever this ofFbo stores in previousFramebufferBinding.
/// \sa bind()
/// \sa void setPreviousFramebufferBinding(const GLuint& previousFramebufferBinding_) const
void unbind() const;
void flagDirty() const; ///< check whether attached MSAA buffers need updating
/// \brief Explicityl resolve MSAA render buffers into textures
/// \note if using MSAA, we will have rendered into a colorbuffer, not directly
/// into the texture call this to blit from the colorbuffer into the texture
/// so we can use the results for rendering, or input to a shader etc.
/// \note This will get called implicitly upon getTexture();
void updateTexture(int attachmentPoint);
bool checkStatus() const;
void createAndAttachTexture(GLenum internalFormat, GLenum attachmentPoint);
void attachTexture(ofTexture & texture, GLenum internalFormat, GLenum attachmentPoint);
GLuint createAndAttachRenderbuffer(GLenum internalFormat, GLenum attachmentPoint);
void createAndAttachDepthStencilTexture(GLenum target, GLint internalformat, GLenum attachment );
void createAndAttachDepthStencilTexture(GLenum target, GLint internalformat, GLenum attachment, GLenum transferFormat, GLenum transferType );
int getNumTextures() const;
void setActiveDrawBuffer(int i);
void setActiveDrawBuffers(const std::vector<int>& i);
void activateAllDrawBuffers();
OF_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use getId()", GLuint getFbo() const);
/// returns id of the underlying GL object for advanced actions
GLuint getId() const;
/// returns id of Fbo for texture attachments
/// which is different when the fbo is using MSAA
GLuint getIdDrawBuffer() const;
static bool checkGLSupport();
static int maxColorAttachments(); // return max color attachments
static int maxDrawBuffers(); // return max simultaneous draw buffers
static int maxSamples(); // return max MSAA samples
GLuint getDepthBuffer() const { return depthBuffer; }
GLuint getStencilBuffer() const { return stencilBuffer; }
ofFboSettings settings;
GLuint fbo; // main fbo which we bind for drawing into, all renderbuffers are attached to this
GLuint fboTextures; // textures are attached to this (if MSAA is disabled, this is equal to fbo, otherwise it's a new fbo)
GLuint depthBuffer;
GLuint stencilBuffer;
std::vector<GLuint> colorBuffers;
std::vector<ofTexture> textures;
ofTexture depthBufferTex;
static int _maxColorAttachments;
static int _maxDrawBuffers;
static int _maxSamples;
std::vector<GLenum> activeDrawBuffers; ///< table of currently active color draw buffers, allocate() defaults it to size(textures), with GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0..n as members, in order of allocation
/// \brief Flags used internally to keep track of MSAA renderbuffers / textures
/// \note The dirty flags are only used when dealing if the framebuffer has MSAA
/// enabled attachments, i.e. numSamples is > 0 and extra Textures have
/// been bound so that the multisampled renderbuffers can be resolved to
/// textures.
/// The flags are read whenever an attached texture is accessed. If the texture
/// is dirty, i.e. it has not yet been resolved from its associated renderbuffer
/// the texture will be resolved through blitting the renderbuffer into it.
mutable std::vector<bool> dirty;
int defaultTextureIndex; //used for getTextureReference
bool bIsAllocated;
void reloadFbo();
static bool bglFunctionsInitialized;