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@@ -67,26 +67,11 @@ c) projectGenerator
This is an openFrameworks application that will make your life easier when
-creating projects or adding addons to existing ones.
+creating projects or adding addons to existing ones. It will be compiled when
+you run the script.
-You'll need to compile it before being able to use it. in a terminal:
- cd OF_ROOT/scripts/projectGenerator
- make
-Then copy the application to /usr/bin so you can use it from anywhere:
- sudo cp bin/projectGenerator /usr/bin
-To create a new openFrameworks project, or update an already existing one from a
-console, do:
- cd OF_ROOT/apps (wherever you have uncompressed OF)
- projectGenerator myApps/projectName
-To add addons to a project just add the name of the addon to the addons.make
-file in the root folder of the project and run the projectGenerator again, passing
-the path to update the Code::Blocks project.
+To use it open the executable in OF_ROOT/projectGenerator. You can find more
+instructions in that folder too.
d) Code::Blocks Wizard

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