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Removed text about checkProgramlinkStatus as that method was private

Added note about audioIn/audioOut
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@@ -21,8 +21,9 @@ The main focus for 0071 was to add new examples to better show the features adde
Critical changes ( might need to update your projects to fix )
* ofEvents -> ofEvents() singleton - this means that projects which register calls using "ofEvents." will need to replace these with "ofEvents()." (note the parentheses).
* OF Examples now are found in the "examples/" folder in the root of the OF folder. The "apps/" is still included but is kept empty as a place to put your OF apps and experiments.
-* ofShader checkProgramLinkStatus() replaces checkShaderLinkStatus()
* Because of the project generator (see below) some addons have been standardized, and we've added "addons.make" to each project file that uses addons. Prior to this release, addons.make was only used on linux / android platforms. As we develop the project generator, we'll work to document these changes.
+* audioRequested and audioReceived on the ofBaseApp/testApp are now called audioOut and audioIn
Project generator
A significant amount of the work which went into 0071 was in the development of a Project Generator. The Project Generator can make project files for all the OF platforms and it was critical to have this in order to increase the number of examples we could include with the release. The Project Generator is also able to add addons to existing projects, making the task of adding addons much faster than the current manual approach. Going forward, the Project Generator will be included with the new releases and be a key tool for generating, modifying and updating your OF projects. Currently, the Project Generator is in our github repository ( in apps/devApps/.

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