ofFbo.cpp is a huge mess! #1263

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I woud love some eyes on ofFbo would be great to get it cleaned up and standardized for 0072.
Right now there are a ton of #ifdefs and some very hard to follow logic, which makes bug fixing quite difficult especially on OPENGL_ES


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great idea :) is that gist just a copy of ofFbo.cpp or is there some diff you're proposing?

one way to significantly clear things up would be to adopt a similar approach to ofVideoPlayer: using a base class with some shared code but lots of platform-specific code in derived classes.


yes thats the current ofFbo .
moving things to a separate file could help a lot. though it would mean that things could get more fractured.
we could also look at everything that is in there and see how much we could minimize the ifdefs. there are a lot of ifdefs and if statements ( which equals redundent code ) only because people were afraid of breaking code they don't understand. I think a holistic eye over the whole thing could probably clean things up a lot.


I guess we can close this now, right?


I have one more question. what is the "state of development" in the case of OPENGL_ES 2 support in ofFbo? for example depth buffer for android. the depth buffer is supported since android 2.2 or 2.3 but a few weeks ago I only got ofFbo working on my android (2.3) with depth buffer disabled (develop branch).

there are some issues and posts in the forum which mention this topic but for me it's hard to figure out what is supported for opengl es in general and which features are only supported depending on the OS (android vs iOS). or is there any oF opengl es documentation?

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this should be closed, right, cause #1264 is merged, @ofTheo ?

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