ofSetVerticalSync(false) no effect, other framerate issues #1292

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I am on a Windows 7 x64 Laptop (NV 420m GPU), using VS2010, latest OF trunk, lastest experimental ofxOpenNI trunk, latest OpenNI/nite binaries, OpenCV trunk from March, CUDA 4.1.

When running my kinect app i have a hard time to control the FPS aswell as Vsync. Sometimes the app shows 300+ FPS sometimes +60 sometimes 30 when setting ofSetVerticalSync(true) and ofSetFramerate(60) (or using none of the settings), and I experience some slowdowns in the ofxOpenNI thread to 20 FPS when playing an .oni file, that recover back to normal 30 FPS. Sometimes the app runs perfectly with no slow downs but it is pretty much randomly changeing even with just an app restart or system restart. No changes in the Nvidia driver settings seem to directly and repeatetly control the FPS. The ofxOpenCV example is controlable and behaves as one would expect, but its not threaded.

I am puzzeld and I do not know what could be the root of the problem. Any ideas where I could look next? Are there any instructions or patterns i should avoid when interacting with my OpenNI thread that could influence the Opengl thread?

Anyone wanting to test this can reproduce this with running the sample project of gameovers ofxOpenNI called src-ONIRecording-Simple.




I think this probably better handled on the OF forum: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/

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He already posted there today: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/index.php/topic,9919.msg45469.html#msg45469
But yes, I agree with Joshua.

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