PG overwrites .cbp's of different platforms #1314

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sphaero commented Jun 7, 2012

If I create a simple test project including a linux64 and win CB projects I end up with only one test.cbp. It seems it overwrites itself since all platforms share the same name...

suggestion... use names like _ i.e. testApp_linux.cbp, testApp_linux64.cbp, test_win.cbp etc

If that's not already on the roadmap....

I tested with the develop branch


kylemcdonald commented Dec 12, 2014

i regularly see names like this already, so i suspect this is being considered.


ofZach commented Dec 12, 2014

I think a solution to this is to move to a foldered structure for projects, ie, folders per platform (osx, wincb, etc) which will greatly clean up cross-platform development and just be cleaner all around.


ofZach commented Dec 12, 2014

(ie folders just for the makefiles / project files / workspace files, etc)

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