ofxOpenALSoundPlayer ReferenceDistance and MaxDistance not behaving as expected #1322

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armadillu commented Jun 11, 2012

ofxALSoundSetReferenceDistance() and ofxALSoundSetMaxDistance() don't seem to behave as expected.

One would expect sounds not to be heard at all when the sound source is beyond the MaxDistance, but this is not the case on the default setup. I think it is because of the sound model openAL comes set with.

I found the ofxALSoundSetReferenceDistance() and ofxALSoundSetMaxDistance() to make perfect sense when setting the linear sound model by calling this:


I feel this sound model should be set by default, or at least give the API a method hinting that different sound models exist.

I made a video demonstrating the issue here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gz2x8R01jE


ofTheo commented Jun 11, 2012

@julapy @damiannz can you take a look at this? see what you think. maybe we need an option in the same way that ofMap allows clamped and unclamped scaling?


admsyn commented Jun 2, 2013

Fixed in PR #2078

admsyn closed this Jun 2, 2013

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