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ofSoundStream doesn't compile in VS2010 (Release Mode) #1336

sloopidoopi opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Stefan Schlupek Elliot Woods Kyle McDonald
Stefan Schlupek

I get an error LNK2038: Konflikt ermittelt für "_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL": Der Wert "2" stimmt nicht mit dem Wert "0" in main.obj überein.

In the Linker settings i see that the rtAudioD.lib is used .
This is an inherited value.( I don't know where this value is set and how I can change this )
I'll guess it should be rtAudio.lib instead.

Stefan Schlupek

I changed the entry in the openFrameworksRelease.props file to: ....;rtAudio.lib;.... and the compilation worked in release mode.

Elliot Woods

ah great
apologies. this would be my error. the settings which i copied into the .props must have been wrong for release
great that you found it. do you want to make a PR bugfix on this? otherwise i can do this myself

Stefan Schlupek sloopidoopi reopened this
Stefan Schlupek

Best is you do the Push request as I'm not so familiar with github at the moment. ( I reopend the Issue )

Léo Colombaro LeoColomb referenced this issue from a commit in LeoColomb/openFrameworks
LeoColomb rtAudio Release link
Fix #1336
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