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ofMesh statics #1356

elliotwoods opened this Issue Jun 27, 2012 · 5 comments

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hey all!

i'm going back through issues this week to clean out and work on functionality.

we talked before @ofTheo and maybe marek? (iirc) about ofMesh statics

My proposal is something like 'ofMeshLibrary' which has lots of standard meshes that you can pull out or draw directly, e.g.:

  • Grid (quad, plane, etc)
  • Box
  • Sphere
  • Icosphere
  • Cylinder
  • Tube
  • Arrow etc...

for each you could do like

ofMesh myMesh;

ofMeshLibrary::sphere::draw(); // draw with default resolution

//ofMeshLibrary::sphere::init() is called the first time you either copy or draw the mesh
myMesh = ofMeshLibrary::sphere; // create a local instance of sphere with default resolution

ofMeshLibrary::sphere::setResolution(5); // change the resolution of the static sphere

myMesh = ofMeshLibrary::sphere; // create a local instance of sphere with low resolution

ofMeshLibrary::sphere::draw(); // draw with reduced resolution

Anybody see any issues with this being in the core?
If not I'll start on this. We discussed it before on irc and it was mostly positive.

openFrameworks member

so the sphere() function would then return (and if necessary initialise) a static sphere?

openFrameworks member

how about:


ofMesh * ofMeshLibrary::sphereInstance = 0;
const ofMesh & ofMeshLibrary::sphere(){
    if (ofMeshLibrary::sphereInstance==0) {
        ofMeshLibrary::sphereInstance = new ofMesh();
        //create sphere
    return *sphere;


class ofMeshLibrary {
    const ofMesh & sphere();
    static ofMesh * sphereInstance;

i think this has basically been closed by the introduction of of3dPrimitive

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