ofDirectShowGrabber glitches on non-native sizes #1364

kylemcdonald opened this Issue Jun 30, 2012 · 3 comments


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for example, when you ask for 1281x721 it will just display a black image. the pixels are definitely there, but there's some kind of texture bug. videoInput is reporting correctly that the width/height are different than the requested width/height, but ofDirectShowGrabber is not handling that correctly.

also, we should be using the built in resizing features in other parts of OF now if we can, instead of duplicating the resizing code :)


seems like this is related to the bug I discovered (#1962) when I dug into my image quality problem. I was thinking about this over the weekend. Maybe it is time we moved to GStreamer for everything != OS X?


it would be better to make the minimum amount of changes necessary to get things working better than to introduce a completely new library with an entirely different set of new bugs :) but i know we've spoken about gstreamer as a long term solution for video, so if you can work towards getting it running for capture that would be very interesting...


this is a few years old, and while ofDirectShowGrabber hasn't really changed, i'm going close this anyway since no one else has reported it and it seems to be a very edge case bug.

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