ofFbo::checkGLSupport() returns true but maxSamples = -1 so it crashes on windows #1508

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using codeblocks/windows 7 and fresh pull from develop,

when testing checkGLSupport I get

OF: OF_VERBOSE: FBO supported
OF: OF_LOG_NOTICE: ofFbo::checkGLSupport()
maxColorAttachments: 8
maxDrawBuffers: 8
maxSamples: -1

and the app crashes on glGenFrameBuffers...

as far as I can see, it's the same problem as here,,6824.0.html

but I haven't seen any references to GLEE (referenced in the last answer) so I haven't been able to solve it


are you trying to use multisampling? (i.e., numSamples > 0)

because according to checkGLSupport you cannot use multisampling, which would cause the creation of your FBO to fail.

we should have a check for that anyway, i don't think there's anything that sets numSamples to 0 if maxSamples=-1


This can often be a driver / video card related thing.
I've seen this before with Intel graphics cards with old drivers or sometimes NVidia too.

also check this - potential fix, if the above doesn't work:
#653 (comment)


hmm i'm not really sure then, we're going to need a windows person to check this out @gameoverhack @elliotwoods ?

also, GLEE is no longer used in 0071+, it's GLEW instead. but i don't see references to GLEW in ofFbo.cpp


Thanks guys. Will try the potential fix tomorrow as i don't have the win machine with me

@jesusgollonet jesusgollonet reopened this Aug 23, 2012

the potential fix suggested by @theo was already in develop, so that doesn't fix my problem.

I've tried with 0 samples 2 different machines from different brands with the same result. graphics cards are both mobile intel integrated so probably old/shitty, but still, there seems to be something wrong going on here.


Curious if 007 or 0062 FBO code work with your hardware.
From the old forum posts, the person had no problem with an older version of OF and fbos but something in the new OF meant it didn't work for them.


ps: what are the intel graphics card models and driver versions?

openFrameworks member

And if older OF version indeed work, you can use git bisect to easily pin down the commit that breaks things for you.


hey! sorry, should have provided that info straight away

Intel(R) HD Graphics
driver version (from 2010). They're apparently up to date.

actually after looking at this they seem to missbehave. The guy finally made them work after reinstalling windows.

Will do the bisect later at any rate.

thanks a lot

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