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ofSetDataPathRoot doing what it shouldn't #1522

elliotwoods opened this Issue Aug 30, 2012 · 2 comments


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elliotwoods commented Aug 30, 2012

Currently ofSetDataPathRoot reads as:

void ofSetDataPathRoot(string newRoot){
    string newPath = "";

    #ifdef TARGET_OSX
        #ifndef TARGET_OF_IPHONE
            char path[MAXPATHLEN];
            uint32_t size = sizeof(path);

            if (_NSGetExecutablePath(path, &size) == 0){
                //printf("executable path is %s\n", path);
                string pathStr = string(path);

                //theo: check this with having '/' as a character in a folder name - OSX treats the '/' as a ':'
                //checked with spaces too!

                vector < string> pathBrokenUp = ofSplitString( pathStr, "/");

                newPath = "";

                for(int i = 0; i < pathBrokenUp.size()-1; i++){
                    newPath += pathBrokenUp[i];
                    newPath += "/";

                //cout << newPath << endl;   // some sanity checks here
                //system( "pwd" );

                chdir ( newPath.c_str() );
                ofLog(OF_LOG_FATAL_ERROR, "buffer too small; need size %u\n", size);

    dataPathRoot() = newRoot;
    isDataPathSet() = true;

After talking to @ofTheo , it's important to make sure that our working directory is set to our .app enclosing folder so our data folder keeps the same relative location.

This function is generally first made at the first call of ofToDataPath, meaning that ofToDataPath can change your working directory. Therefore I suggest we:

  1. Move this to ofRunApp
  2. Rewrite this using Poco::Path
  3. Implement this for Windows/VS also (to avoid $(TargetDir) issues)

ofTheo commented Aug 30, 2012

Great - would be great to have this on a branch so we can test it heavily!


bilderbuchi commented Jul 17, 2013

Closed by #1523

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