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So I just downloaded 0072 from the site, tried to build emptyExample on Mountain Lion + Latest Xcode and I get:

file not found TargetConditionals.h in ofConstants.h

Any ideas? Thanks


instead of 'latest' can you say the exact version numbers? (just for clarity). also, is this a system where you've upgraded, or a clean system? i think some people have had weird experiences when they still have the 10.6SDK maybe?



osx 10.8.2
xcode 4.5.1

upgraded to mountain lion from 10.7 lion xcode 4.3 (i think), maybe 4.4

looked into xcode (show package contents) and doesnt have 10.6 in there, only 10.7 and 10.8


just seen this


i got xcode via the appstore update, so my sdk location is:
applications/xcode/contents/developer/ .... etc


Are you sure that link is relevant? Maybe you posted the wrong thing?

If you can find the missing file on your computer, can you try addon the path manually to the project?


what is the active sdk set to for openframeworks and for the project ? I think we've seen this error when the sdk is not set right. such as:


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ive got the same osx and xcode as @chrisoshea and im not getting this issue.
builds first time.

i have seen the issue before though (in develop) and i think i fixed it by changing Base SDK to Latest OSX for both the project and openFrameworksLib.


@kylemcdonald sorry i posted wrong link from my browser :(

so yes for some reason the base sdk wasnt set when i downloaded 0072. I wonder why that could be.



do you have to set the base sdk on every project, or is it just the openframeworks project, which compiles the OF lib, that was set wrong ? (ie, what steps do you need to take now that emptyExample compiles to compile another project).


i've seen this before, when upgrading or when switching between machines that have different versions of the SDK installed. i think if it's always 'latest SDK' then we shouldn't have problems, but if eg 10.6 is selected and the target machine doesn't have 10.6 installed, you'll get this problem.


chris, do other examples run fine now without any changes?


I suspect the problem if it's just OF and not project files is that there's nothing set for the OF project, not even "current SDK".


if you set a specific SDK, it appears in the project file (after you go to compile):


setting to current:


looks like this change in theproject file:


I think we want this in the OF lib project file....


I think the value is meant to be SDKROOT = macosx
I thought that was set for the template files, but maybe it got changed. I can add it back in.

For anyone having this issue, could they check if hand editing the files to have SDKROOT = macosx - makes it run the latest SDK?

@ofTheo ofTheo closed this in cef7ff3 Oct 16, 2012

@chrisoshea or anyone having this problem - can you please try the latest from develop?
you'll need to run the project generator in devApps/ - but hopefully this last commit fixes the issue.


Hi, just to report that the latest dev, cef7ff3, solved my problem getting 0072 to run on 10.6.8 with xcode 4.2:


great -- sounds like we should put up a new release with this change?


after getting most of the examples to compile, I discovered that the two osx specific video examples don´t compile. Just thought I would mention it before you update the osx release (eventhough it might be a problem on my end).

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@hcgilje By default, the new QTKit features are not enabled on 10.6 -- they still use the legacy player. I believe you should be able to use the new examples if you enable QTKit support -- but I'm forgetting how to set up the defines to override the defaults.

@obviousjim @ofTheo -- could you weigh in on this?

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