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No mouse-up notification when window focus is lost (win 7) #1955

SoylentGraham opened this Issue Mar 18, 2013 · 4 comments

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When you click a mouse button down and lose focus (eg. breakpoint hit and vis studio takes focus) you never get an equivalent mouse-up. Bit of a pain when tracking inputs or doing some gesture/tracking stuff.

I'm guessing this is a GLUT thing as it's wholly avoidable when handling WINAPI messages properly... I've not looked into it yet, but it's becoming a pain for me when working so I'm going to try and fix it, just wanted to make an issue first.

Not checked any other OS's as I've not yet ported my projects.

openFrameworks member

hm, maybe I don't understand this correctly, but why would you expect one application to intercept the events of another application which currently has focus (and thus should receive the events)?


Okay, just to confirm then; GLUT isn't sending GLUT_UP which may be expected behaviour, but this leaves pressedButtons in an incorrect state (buttons registered as down when they're not).
Will continue to work out a solution (if not just for myself) so I can tell when the mouse has been released without a major change to the event-based design (ie. not reading the immediate state in various mouse/idle functions)


closing this issue since GLUT is not our primary windowing system anymore.

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