HiDPI support on OS X (blocked on Carbon?) #1986

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Hey there--

@seanedwards and I are looking at OpenFrameworks for a project of ours. It looks fantastic and we'd love to use it. However, one big thing that we'd like and don't seem able to do with OpenFrameworks is HiDPI/Retina on OS X.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big thing--I've built out Retina support for other libraries, I have a patch for GLFW in their pull requests--but OF appears to still be using the deprecated Carbon libraries (though to what extent I am not sure, I started using Macs post-Carbon and don't have a good grasp on how to assess OF's use of it) and so I'm unsure how to proceed. (GLUT itself may be a blocker here, I don't know.)

Has anyone else looked into this issue or have suggestions for the best way to move forward?



See this post on the forum, might be helpful.


you can get patches to GLUT enabling support for HiDPI on Mac OS X from here : http://iihm.imag.fr/blanch/software/glut-macosx/


OF will run on glfw by the next release and I think it was @eropple who actually did a PR for glfw that enables HiDPI support. AFAIK it got merged so the issue should be resolved soon..

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that would be this one, probably: glfw/glfw#36


yes, that is the one I was talking about. @eropple is this merged and working? If so we can close this issue as well as all other issues that deal with shortcomings of glut that will be resolved with glfw...

@liamstask liamstask added a commit to liamstask/openFrameworks that referenced this issue Oct 30, 2013
@liamstask liamstask osx makefile: set NSHighResolutionCapable to indicate that we're HiDP…
…I friendly (makes window chrome look nice on Retina displays as well), and fix an additional typo, updates #1986
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@admsyn - The GLFW window supports this (since OF-0.8.0?) after setting the plist's NSHighResolutionCapable key to YES no?


yes this is fixed now! closing :)

@ofTheo ofTheo closed this Aug 19, 2014
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