Receiving Error while trying to "Make Run" : [__NSCFError _cocoaErrorStringWithKind:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7b622ea0 #2789

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DanCLee commented Feb 4, 2014

Sorry if the is a simple fix, but I haven't been able to run any examples or programs for the last couple of days. I stepped away from openFrameworks for about a month. Were there some updates I am not aware of? I can't run the empty example or anything else.

2014-02-03 18:54:10.504 of_v0.8.0_osx_release[67450:507] -[__NSCFError _cocoaErrorStringWithKind:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7b622ea0

Above is the error I am receiving. Please, if somebody knows what is exactly wrong please let me know.

Thank you so much


bilderbuchi commented Feb 4, 2014

wait, how did you update? did you work in 0.7.4 before, and use 0.8 now? Also, could you try using the latest OF from the master branch to see if the problem still occurs?


admsyn commented Feb 4, 2014

That's a pretty odd error. It'd imply you're doing some Objective-C / Cocoa somewhere and it's misbehaving. Possibly it's something to do with a GLUT -> GLFW transition you didn't intend, but I'd expect some other sort of error in that case..

of_v0.8.0_osx_release being in the error message implies you're working off the pre-packaged OF download, but it wouldn't have just changed itself over the month you had been away from it.

Can you give more details, @DanCLee ? Does it work if you re-download the OF release from the site and try again?

DanCLee commented Feb 5, 2014

Hey guys, and thank you so much for the response.
I was trying to "make && make run" for 0.8. Nothing too complicated like the empty example.
I got it to run by copying the "bin, .make, Makefile, obj, plist, and .xcconfig file" into the master file. Using only the source file provided by the master file.

I still don't know why I was having problems, which is discomforting, but it's working now.

Thank you bilderbuchi for the suggestion.


bilderbuchi commented Feb 5, 2014

Closing this, then.

bilderbuchi closed this Feb 5, 2014

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