Storyboard with iOS Openframework #2799

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Hi everyone,

Anyone know who to use the storyboard function with OF for iOS? When I use Xcode to program for iPhone I can use it and its so useful but if I try to do it with OF I cant use it.

Thank you so much.


bilderbuchi commented Feb 7, 2014

Such a question is more appropriate at ;-)
I'll close this as it's not an issue (people can still respond/comment, though)

@bilderbuchi bilderbuchi closed this Feb 7, 2014


julapy commented Feb 7, 2014

@rc1 has done some work on this and has written about it in this issue #1829
maybe you can try their code.

Thanks julapy but I tried and it doesn't work at all. The AppDelegate.h import a "ofxiPhoneAppDelegate.h" that doesn't exist and I don't know who to solve it.


julapy commented Feb 7, 2014

i think its just a little out of date.
recently ofxiPhone was renamed to ofxiOS.
so where ever you see ofxiPhone, replace it with ofxiOS.
ofxiPhoneAppDelegate.h would then become ofxiOSAppDelegate.h

Mother of god .. it works, I replaced all ofxiPhone to ofxiOS and now it works. Thank you so much julapy, so so much hahaha.

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