ofBox is limited to cubes, we should allow for different box sizes. #530

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ofZach commented Apr 9, 2011

ofBox at the moment only does cubes (width/height/depth are equal).

void ofBox(float x, float y, float z, float size);
void ofBox(float x, float y, float size);
void ofBox(const ofPoint& position, float size);
void ofBox(float size);

It would much more useful if it could do non cube sizes as well, such as:

void ofBox(const ofPoint& position, const ofPoint & dimensions);
void ofBox(float x, float y, float z, float w, float h, float d);


kalwalt commented Jan 15, 2013

yes, @ofZach this would be very useful, but there are some news on this side? anyone has implemented this?


ofTheo commented Jan 15, 2013

@nickhardeman has added a bunch of 3d primitives including this I believe:

I think its all ready to go - the branch adds a lot of awesome stuff - including the ability to get individual faces - set mesh resolution etc.

kalwalt commented Jan 15, 2013

@ofTheo tthis is perfect! when it will be merged?


NickHardeman commented Jan 18, 2013

I have been working on a bunch of primitives and I am about to submit a pull request. But ios and other projects will need some files added to the core. Will send a PR soon!


kylemcdonald commented Dec 12, 2014

this is closed by ofBoxPrimitive

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