ofQuaternion::makeRotate takes degrees, used to take radians, documentation says radians #646

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A tiny issue I spotted:

ofQuaternion.cpp, line 14:

/// Set the elements of the Quat to represent a rotation of angle
/// (radians) around the axis (x,y,z)
void ofQuaternion::makeRotate( float angle, float x, float y, float z ) {
    angle = ofDegToRad(angle);

ofXQuaternion::makeRotate used to take radians, only noticed as I was moving some old code over, otherwise I would have just looked at the code in ofQuaternion.cpp to see the angle type.

arturoc commented Jul 19, 2011

memo changed this and some other methods to work with radians to make it consistent with everything else, have changed the comment, won't close the issue so we remember to update the docs

jedahan commented Oct 25, 2013

Looks like this can be closed, as this was done correctly in a5afb33 I think.

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