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possible bug in getEuler / getOrientation / getRoll #679

companje opened this Issue Jul 24, 2011 · 10 comments

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I think there's a bug in ofQuaternion in of007. When i use ofNode's setOrientation() or ofNode setRoll I can rotate my ofNode object around the Z axis. However when I try to obtain the current rotation around the Z axis it will always give a value like -180, 0 or 180.



Ha! 3 years, I'm getting the same issue in 2014


yes, the getEuler math is bad. It is returning Eurler angles based on the Quaternion, but they're not necessarily expressed in a single axis (moreover the axis you want), so a Z rotation may show up as a combination of other rotations that don't actually involve the Z axis. Better to set all rotations as a quat and keep track of you're own Eulers on the side. This is a very old comment / problem, but if I get a better solution I'll post it here . . .

Ahbee commented Mar 21, 2014

I think your right. I tried this code and both cones are oriented correctly

void ofApp::draw(){
    ofConePrimitive cone;
    // set cone to random orientation

    // draw flat plane and axis for a reference
    ofPlanePrimitive plane;

    // draw first cone
    cone.setPosition(-100, 0, 0);

    // draw second cone
    cone.setPosition(100, 0, 0);
    // replace getOrientationQuat() with getOrientationEuler() for error



this is the result

but when I replaced getOrientationQuat() with getOrientationEuler().I got this
the orientation of the second cones is messed up

@Ahbee Ahbee pushed a commit that referenced this issue Mar 21, 2014
Ahbee fixes issue #679
bank = x-axis, heading = y axis, attitude = z axis.
Ahbee commented Mar 21, 2014

I think the guy who implemented ofQuaternion::getEuler() made a typo. There is a link in the comments to this: I looked at the openframeworks code and the code in the link. openframeworks confuses bank with attitude. see the standards I changed that in the pull request. Also the standard rotation order is here openframeworks also messes that up.

openFrameworks member

makes sense! i think especially with methods like these (which can have more than one mathematical meaning) it'd be good to have the return values explained in a comment or documentation - and i think the comment you put in is helpful, too =)


Re: (which can have more than one mathematical meaning)

yes! it seems like expecting the Euler angles you are looking for from a Quat is bad practice given multiple representations. Something I am just learning. Instead it seems best practices for a "getRoll()" type function (which is how this convo started) would be asking for a single axis of rotation based on a comparison vector.

something like:

float getRotationAboutVector(ofVec3f vector, ofVec4f quat);

so getRoll() would internally supply the correct vec3 (node's up vector), so that we get the rotation in the correct euler axis and it doesn't end up as a composite of 3 axis that may or may not be correct.


OK so I've ported that Java code to oF / C, it works to a certain point, but can't sort out negative rotations without some crossproduct math that I'm not sure how to implement. It calculates the shortest positive rotation. I think the moral of my story is just stop using Eulers for anything, and get hip to quats / mats.

Here's code in case it's useful to someone.

void getOrthonormals(ofVec3f normal, ofVec3f *orthonormal1, ofVec3f *orthonormal2)
    ofMatrix4x4 OrthoX = ofMatrix4x4().newRotationMatrix(90, ofVec3f(1,0,0));
    ofMatrix4x4 OrthoY = ofMatrix4x4().newRotationMatrix(90, ofVec3f(0,1,0));

    ofVec3f w = transformByMatrix(normal, &OrthoX);

    float dot =;

    if (fabsf(dot) > 0.6)
        w = transformByMatrix(normal, &OrthoY);
        OrthoY * normal;

    *orthonormal1 = normal.cross(w);
    *orthonormal2 = normal.cross(*orthonormal1);

float getQuaternionTwist(ofQuaternion q, ofVec3f axis)

    //get the plane the axis is a normal of
    ofVec3f orthonormal1, orthonormal2;

    getOrthonormals(axis, &orthonormal1, &orthonormal2);

    ofVec3f transformed = orthonormal1 * q;

    //project transformed vector onto plane
    ofVec3f flattened = transformed - * axis;

    //get angle between original vector and projected transform to get angle around normal
    float a = (float)acosf(;

    return a;


ofVec3f transformByMatrix(ofVec3f v, ofMatrix4x4* m)
    ofVec3f result;
    for ( int i = 0; i < 4; ++i )
        result[i] = v[0] * m->_mat[0][i] + v[1] * m->_mat[1][i] + v[2] + m->_mat[2][i] + v[3] * m->_mat[3][i];
    result[0] = result[0]/result[3];
    result[1] = result[1]/result[3];
    result[2] = result[2]/result[3];
    return result;
openFrameworks member
Ahbee commented Mar 21, 2014

@structuresound, I think you should open a new issue for this, because what your asking for is a feature unrelated to the original bug. Start a new issue and say you want these functions implemneted.

ofQuaternion::ofQuaternion(const ofQuaternion &twist, const ofQuaternion &swing);
ofQuaternion ofQuaternion::makeRotate(const ofQuaternion &twist, const ofQuaternion &swing);
ofQuaternion ofQuaternion::getTwist(const ofVec3f &twistAxis,const ofVec3f &swingAxis) const;
ofQuaternion ofQuaternion::getSwing(const ofVec3f &twistAxis,const ofVec3f &swingAxis) const;
@arturoc arturoc pushed a commit that closed this issue Apr 8, 2014
Ahbee fixes #679
bank = xAxis,heading =  yAxis, attitude = zAxis .
The rotation order is Y,Z,X; OpenFrameworks works in row Major so, the
Quaternion multiplication order is- xRotation * zRotation * yRotation.
@arturoc arturoc closed this in ddd9900 Apr 8, 2014
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