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datapath messed in windows after using file open dialog #819

hvfrancesco opened this Issue · 7 comments

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i'm experiencing troubles in windows when i use a system file-opening dialog from openframeworks. after using it Data root path seems to get pointing to a wrong location, causing troubles e.g. true type fonts not loading.
if I use the open-file dialog once again to open a file in root folder of the application, then the data path is reset correctly.
using ofSetDataPathRoot() doens't seem to fix the issue, or maybe I'm not using it correctly.


forgot to mention that things work perfectly on linux


I'm having exactly the same problem, tried reseting the directory and listing it again after openning the dialog window, but still not working. Tested of07, win7 64 ans 32 bits


pushing back to 0073 as per #1523 (comment)


is this fixed - or still an outstanding issue?
looking at #1523 - my feeling is that we should try and fix this issue separately from a complete re-write of ofToDataPath -> Poco::Path

its a big enough change that we should really treat ofToDataPath -> Poco::Path as a feature request.
and develop a bugfix for this very specific issue.

curious what @arturoc @elliotwoods think.
#1523 is going to be much trickier to test/merge than a bugfix for this very specific bug.

@ofTheo ofTheo was assigned

@elliotwoods so has #1523 resolved this or is it still outstanding?

@leocolomb maybe you could take a look?


this is fixed at

Just tested now using dirListExample with an ofSystemLoadDialog at the top of the program and the example works fine.


closing, then.

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