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This is reference PR / work in progress with an 0.8.0 release target.

Big changes:

  • formatting
  • documentation (LOTS)
  • variable names TODO:
  • double check backward compatibility
  • finish project make
cerupcat and others added some commits Feb 21, 2013
@cerupcat cerupcat Make audioUnit a static var so it's more accessible. Enable the audio…
… session after there's an native interruption
@ofTheo ofTheo Merge pull request #1880 from cerupcat/master
Fixed sound not restarting after an interupttion (phone call or alarm clock)
@ofTheo ofTheo Revert "Merge pull request #1880 from cerupcat/master"
This reverts commit 2d62d2e, reversing
changes made to eb45d59.
@bakercp bakercp Fix for osx makefiles. 47ed69c
@bakercp bakercp Merge branch 'bugfix-osx-makefiles' into develop f3ca917
@bakercp bakercp Minor formatting fixes. 0be13d7
@bakercp bakercp Minor formatting. fc578a0
@bakercp bakercp Fixed situation where .xcodeproj files where
being included in the search path.  The solution
is a general solution for matching substrings.
See the notes in the file for a description of
the technique and changes.
@bakercp bakercp Added ADDON_INCLUDES_EXCLUDE flag.
This allows libraries to exclude various header
paths from being automatically included.
This is important in situations where system 
headers, such as those provided by pkg-config
are a different version than those distributed
with the the addon.  This can happen when headers
are compiled with a specific ABI / architecture
in mind, such as libcurl.
@bakercp bakercp Continued work on 723a168
and PROJECT_ADDONS_LDFLAGS were not being included
@bakercp bakercp Clean up. a43afd9
@bakercp bakercp Remove duplicated export osx Framework libs. 182afbf
@bakercp bakercp Updated template files to be cross-platform. 829530e
@bakercp bakercp Updating testApp.cpp fixing space. 0ddab22
@bakercp bakercp Merge branch 'master' of git://…
…ks into bugfix-makefiles
@bakercp bakercp Merge 41c7a61
@bakercp bakercp Continued makefile updates. a034320
@bakercp bakercp Merge branch 'develop' of git://…
…rks into bugfix-makefiles
@bakercp bakercp Fixed typo. 7965ed8
@bakercp bakercp Big WIP push. Lots of naming changes, lots of documentation and comme…

This is a WIP Push. :)

openFrameworks member

@arturoc here is where I left off.

openFrameworks member

Merge catastrophe. Trying again.

@bakercp bakercp closed this Jun 14, 2013
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