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emonty commented Jan 10, 2011

This adds a basic automake-based build which serves two purposes:

  • Allows generation of a source tarball which does not include any of the included upstream binary library versions.
  • Produces a 'make install' version of OF for ease of packaging.

The end goal being a packaged version of OF that's in the debian main repository (although obviously not in squeeze) and in Ubuntu (likely not by natty, but probably by natty+1)

I just did basic automake here and did not go full-on pandora-build or anything like that, as the only real expected user of this would be people on modern ubuntu. I was looking/poking at the cmake branch earlier, but since the make dist and make install targets in that system are so mind-numbingly borked, and since this isn't intended to replace your full build system, I just went back to actually-functional autotools.

In any case - it passes make distcheck, and builds all of OF and most addons (except for iphone specific ones) on Ubuntu using all system-installed libraries (although it would be slightly harder for you to verify that since two of the dep packages are stuck in the debian new queue and I just have them installed locally :)


danomatika commented Jan 22, 2011

If it passes make dist check, it should probably work on OSX. I can make a test.


danomatika commented Jan 23, 2011

Ok, I gave it a preliminary go on OSX. I see the is definitely linux only :( It would be great if this would work for those of us using Macports/Fink/Homebrew. I have done this for a few of my own small projects so I know its possible. I know linux is probably your priority so of course you don't have to listen to me :D

A few notes:

  • Why do you explicitly require Automake 2.63? Mac OSX 10.6 uses 2.61 Is there some specific feature you are using or ?
  • running autoreconf fails due to missing files, had to run automake --add-missing
  • autoreconf fails on LT_INIT since the libtoolize script is called glibtoolize on Mac OS. There shoudl be an OS check and libtool needs to point to glibtool etc. I got around this by symlinking ln -s /usr/bin/glibtoolize /usr/bin/libtoolize

autoreconf managed to finish but ./configure naturally failed due to gstreamer

emonty commented Jan 23, 2011

Thanks for looking at it... I can totally work on/fix all of those (I usually do cross-platform building in my other projects) - in this case I just did the linux-specific version since the only real use I was forseeing for it was producing a buildable source tarball for linux distros. BUT - now that you mention homebrew, really there is no reason this should be compatible there too.

All that rambling to say - thanks! And I'll fix it to work on OSX too.


danomatika commented Jan 23, 2011

Thanks, I look forward to the ability to install and link to OF like other open source libs.


ofTheo commented Jul 6, 2011

is this still a relevant pull request?
maybe arturo can review?

@bilderbuchi bilderbuchi referenced this pull request Dec 3, 2011


PR tracking issue #835

@ofTheo ofTheo closed this Feb 25, 2012

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