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Screenshot of soundPlayerFFTExample

Learning Objectives

This openFrameworks example demonstrates how to visualize an FFT analysis of the sound that is currently being played.

Studying this example will help you understand:

  • how to use ofSoundPlayer to load and play sound files. (see also soundPlayerExample)
  • how to allow the user to move a circle around the screen (that bounces off the window edges) by changing its velocity (depending on the cursor position, see mouseDragged())
  • how to check for collision (and play a sound if the circle collides with window edges), see update() function.
  • how to use ofSoundGetSpectrum() to get a frequency spectrum sample for the FFT.

Expected Behavior

Whenever the white circle collides with the border of the window, a sound should play. Each border (top, bottom, left, and right) corresponds to a different sound file.

In the center of the window, you should see an FFT visualization of the sounds that are currently played.

Instructions for use:

  • Drag the circle around and release it to make it move around the screen and to play sounds.

Classes used in this example

This example uses the following classes:

  • ofSoundPlayer