WWDC Detroit Syllabus Ideas

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This page is a collection of ideas regarding the topics we would/could/should talk about at the Detroit OF conference. Edit away, add what you think it important.

The "official" topic of the conference is:

The goal for this developers conference is to focus on documentation, tutorials and examples - trying to find better entry points for beginners, more advanced users, teachers, etc. The conference will be a chance to develop examples to truly show off what is possible in OF as well a chance to discuss the roadmap for the next few OF releases.

So, regarding documentation, tutorials and examples, it makes sense to identify specific areas which need some love.

Topic collection:

The Website

We need to have a solid page documenting everyone who has contributed to openFrameworks, and clearly identifying their contributions. Every contributor needs to know that their work is super important for the survival of OF.

A list of all the tutorials, examples, and documentation is here: Tutorials, Examples and Documentation


The Roadmap document can be found here: Roadmap.

Contributing to OF

I [Christoph] think it's very important that we streamline the process of people contributing to OF. Therefore, the following interconnected topics should get some time to be discussed:

  • PR workflow/policies streamlining: How can we ensure we do not waste code/effort and frustrate people away from contributing code to OF?

  • How will we integrate the newly elected section leaders into the whole process?

  • Issues processing: How do we reduce the number of open issues/PR's, and treat issues/PR's in a timely fashion?

  • Improve information flow: How can we make sure effort we all spend in improving OF goes in the right direction, as envisioned by the core devs?

  • clarify the addon layout: sources here, libs, there, documentation requirements etc (for instance, the Linux Makefiles only build sources in the src dir, so included libs that are built as part of the addon and not linked should be there .. at least for now)

  • A thought on the addon layout: Does it make sense to create a myAddons folder at the openFrameworks/myAddons level that OF is aware of? Working inside of the examples folder seems safe and intuitive to new users but adding stuff into the addons folder somewhat feels like you are messing with core. -jvcleave

  • C++ is a large and versatile language with a lot of books written about it for a wide variety of use cases. As OF can be a user's first experience developing with it are there any good books/sites the core team can agree on to reference? -jvcleave A probable kick-off point for this: http://tinyurl.com/35dvpvy - Christoph

  • Core library dependencies: Are the compilation settings for core libraries published? It seems like these are maintained by just a few people. Are there optimization, debugging, testing advantages to breaking these out? - jvcleave

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